Progressive Retinal Athropy (PRA rcd4) blindness on later age.

 Since we could test our dogs we have tested all the dogs in our kennel what we use for our breeding.
The DNA test is getting done by the lap AHT in UK.
The results of our dogs you can find on "Our Dogs"

We have made our decission to breed only with the PRA CLEAR and PRA CARRIER dogs.
The PRA CARRIER dogs will be only mated with PRA CLEAR dogs.
This to make sure that there will be no AFFECTED puppy born. The AFFECTED dogs have a chance to become blind on later age.
And we wish nobody this.
That's why we will not breed with AFFECTED dogs in our kennel.
Make sure if you buy a puppy that you ask for the PRA (rcd4) results of the parents from your puppy.
See the patron below.

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